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At ICOE we understand that there may be times when learning and/or personal issues may affect students ability to undertake training effectively. ICOE offers a range of support services to all students in order to maximise their opportunity to meet and achieve satisfactory course progression and enhance the learning experience.

Students with special needs, or those who require additional support, can utlise the support services offered at ICOE to ensure that they are able to perform at their best and achieve their personal best learning outcome.

ICOE provides students with mentoring, coaching and guidance on course content and effective
learning and study techniques.


At ICOE we aim to provide a warm, friendly environment for students. The following support is available to learners:

On commencement of the course each student is allocated to a Student Support Officer.
The SSO is the first point of contact for students and is responsible for:
•Implementing LLN tests for learners
•Monitoring and support of students' progress and attendance
•Disability/special needs support
•Identification and ongoing monitoring of Students at Risk
•Preparation of Individual Learning Plans for students with additional needs
•Recognition of Prior Learning
•Coordination of complaints and appeals
•Mediation and referral to third-party services
•Academic and non-academic counselling


The SSO will provide each student with a Learning Plan at the commencement of the course and regular meetings are scheduled to ensure that milestones in learning are being met and course progression is on track.

ICOE provides assistance to all students who require help in the learning process. Apart from your SSO, advice on academic issues can also be provided by individual teachers who may initiate a Student at Risk Form for students who are not making satisfactory academic progress in the course and will work with your SSO to monitor progress and attendance.


Some students may experience unexpected personal problems when studying and counselling may be beneficial - particularly if the student is new to Sydney and living away from home, friends and family.


Counselling can be for a variety of reasons, such as difficulty structuring a study routine,
problems adjusting to living away from home, or other personal issues. Your SSO will be able to
provide advice in the first instance and may recommend that you seek further advise from an

external counselling service.



An optional Supervised Study Period is available every College day from 3.00pm – 5.00pm. It is
designed to assist students to catch-up on missed work, revise or review work or speak one-on-one with a teacher about any concerns or questions regarding your course/unit. This service is provided to all students free of charge and every teacher is available during this period.


A specialised reflection class is offered one afternoon per week for students who require extra
assistance with course work, Language, Literacy & Numeracy or tuition in English terminology.
Reflection Class supports learning and contributes to students increase in LLN skills.


The following process will be applied for students considered to be ‘At Risk’ of non-completion of the course:
• A Student Intervention Form is initiated by the trainer who identifies the Student at Risk e.g. failing to demonstrate competence and/or insufficient academic progress or unacceptable attendance.

The Form is given to your Student Support Officer (SSO)
• Your SSO arranges a meeting with the student to discuss ongoing learning options
• An Individual Learning Plan (ILP) may be devised by the SSO
• A Special Consideration Form Request may be initiated by the SSO or the student – seeking
adjustments to the normal training and assessment plan to better suit the individual student’s
learning needs (specialist medical evidence of a disability must be provided)
• The student signs an agreement to abide by the conditions as per the ILP
• Student is given a copy of the IPL agreement
• Regular feedback meeting are arranged between the student and the SSO to monitor progress and to ensure that the student gets back on track and achieves satisfactory progress thereafter.


Students identified as ‘At Risk’ are discussed during course staff meeting (if necessary the monthly Management Team Meeting where strategies are discussed for implementation and ongoing monitoring of the student.)



• Discuss with your Teacher your options for further language literacy and numeracy development.

• Adult Migrant Education
• Public Libraries - Talk to the Registrar about Chatswood library services.

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